JS Facebook Popup

JS Facebook Popup


Development up from one plugin for Joomla!. JS Facebook Popup would be a really useful module for anyone who is interested in marketing from facebook with 900 million users. This module will allow you to add thousands of fans to any site on Facebook.

With JS Facebook Popup Module you can: More likes = more traffic = more $$$$

Why JS Facebook Popup?

  • Easy to install and customize: With a simple design, you can install and customize easily. The options and captions are clear, easy to understand.
  • Multiple pages: You can set the Popup in any page that you want With Module Assignment option of Joomla!. You can:
    • Display On all pages
    • Display No pages
    • Display Only on the pages selected
    • Display On all pages except those selected
    Or even you can be inserted this module into an article.
  • Multilingual GUI: Module has been designed to support multiple languages, such as: English, Germany, France, Spanish, Italian.
  • Let this module helps you in bringing quality traffic from Facebook. And bring real value to your website.


  • Locks out all page functionality behind the popup!
  • Custom title of popup – the title text that will appear in the title bar of your pop up.
  • Custom Message of popup – you can insert the text, images or any HTML markup you want to be in the message space (must be all one line if HTML).
  • Custom URL to like – The URL that will be LIKED when the users click on like button. If URL is empty, then URL of current page will be used.
  • Show faces – the user icons will be showed when users click on like button. You can choose Show or Hidden the faces of user in module option.
  • Popup stays fixed in middle of screen as user scrolls
  • Using cookies remember users who already ‘Liked’ the page
  • Easily customize popup with css.
  • Closeable – If choose Yes, close button will be displayed in the top right corner of popup. Users can turn off popup without click like.
  • Timeout – The number of seconds the timer will run for in the bottom right of the pop up before closing. You can also set Timeout equal to 0 to disable the timer completely and require the user to like the page before continuing or press the close button.
  • Delay time – The delay timer can be used to keep the pop up from running for x amount of seconds to allow the users to read the page before the pop up appears.
  • Wait – The number of minutes you would like to wait before each pop up. For example if set to 5, the users will see the pop up every 5 minutes they are on the site. Default is 0 – mean that no wait or pop up shows every page load.

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